What is Glory Bucha? 
GB is handcrafted kombucha, a sparkling drink made from sweetened black or green tea and sugar or honey which is fermented using a "symbiotic 'colony' of bacteria and yeast" (SCOBY). We call our SCOBY the MOTHER (always honor your mother)!
While this may sound or look a little funky, when further processed with organic fruits, herbs and roots kombucha is a healthy, delicious drink that’s super good for you and a great alternative to juice, soda, beer, or wine.

Does kombucha contain alcohol? How much alcohol is in GB?
Yes. Brewing kombucha is a 2000 year old process and it includes fermentation which means GB contains some alcohol, around 0.3 to 2%.
At GB, we honor the traditions of kombucha making and so we don’t skimp or shorten our brewing cycle to ensure the highest quality brew.

What are probiotics and why is kombucha so good for you?
The human body is teaming with bacteria, both good and bad. Good bacteria help to regulate many processes in the body including digestion and oral health. Unpasteurized kombucha, like GB, is loaded with beneficial probiotics to help keep your belly happy and good bacteria thriving.

What’s the GB sugar, carbs, calorie count?
At GB, we use real fruits and extracts which means each flavor may vary slightly in nutritional content. 

How do get my hands on some GB?
Come visit us at our Arlington brewery location or find us on tap at local, Washington breweries. See our Glory Bucha Locator page for a list of locations.

How should I store my GB?
Keep it nice and cool in the refrigerator with the cap sealed tight and the bottle upright.

If I purchased a growler, what do I do with it?
Keep it and if you're near a GB local spot, come by and we’ll refill it at the refill rate. Remember it needs to be clean or the health department says a refill is a no go!