In 2014, Lowell Profit began home-brewing small batch kombucha aiming to cut back on sugar and increase his overall health. Lowell, a Washington State transplant from New Orleans and an artist at heart, spent years honing his craft to develop the perfect balance of sweet and tart that defines an artfully-crafted kombucha.  He lovingly concocted his kombucha from organic ingredients and exposed it to one of our key ingredients...jazz music. Before long, Lowell's kombucha drew a devoted local following and a demand for more booch!

GloryBucha is a small, but mighty team of dedicated kombucha fanatics, fatefully brought together to brew the very best kombucha for you. Today we continue to use organic, local ingredients and a sprinkle of jazz music creating delicious, handcrafted kombucha to please your taste buds and your belly. Give our kombucha a try and you'll see why we say we are prescribed by your taste buds.


Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented drink made from black or green tea, sugar or honey that’s sometimes augmented with organic fruits, veggies or roots for flavor. The tea blend is fermented using a SCOBY or symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The process creates a drink that is low in sugar and rich in probiotics and antioxidants.
Because it’s a fermented beverage, depending on how it’s processed kombucha has varying low levels of alcohol.(.05-2% or less than a quarter of a glass of beer.)
For those of you that have tried kombucha before, we’ve heard feedback like “it tastes vinegary, too sweet or even smells pungent” or that you’ve had to “get use to the taste”.
At GloryBucha we pride ourselves on brewing truly delicious kombucha. We think GloryBucha should be a taste you crave, not one you have to get used to which is why we handcraft our beverages using the finest ingredients and a unique process for truly delicious kombucha!